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Camper must be going into the 7th grade in the fall of 2021
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We have reached our maximum number of participants in the following sessions for the listed school/city/gender. If you would like to have your applicant placed on a waiting list, continue to register. Waiting List applicants do not need to complete the payment process. We will only accept a deposit if when we know we have an opening for the camper. Thank you!
  • All openings for 2021 are full! Applications received at this time will be put on a waitlist.
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As a parent/guardian, I understand potential campers will be on a waiting list until this application is processed and acknowledged by Celebrate Me Week.
In case of an emergency, if I (Parent/Guardian) cannot be reached, Celebrate Me Week staff has permission to act on my behalf.
I, hereby, agree to allow my child to be photographed by CMW volunteer photographers during the session attended. Images may be used for future promotions.
Applicant is able to function independently (physically/socially/emotionally) in a camp setting.